Trading as GavaghanCommunications also.


An unincorporated soletradership.

T: 44 1422 886015 E: helen.gavaghan@btinternet.com 165
Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, Near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 5LG, UK.

Former office address: Unit 10, and then the Ground Floor Unit, Grumpys Mill, Blind lane, Todmorden, West Yorkshire [2001 - 2005]. Prior to that London and Washington DC.

Relevant business background: First effective date of registration for VAT 1 February, 2011. Application to de-register from VAT submitted to HMRC by Helen Gavaghan on 23 September, 2017. De-registration application accepted 26 September, 2017. If I re-register I will put information on this page. I am a journalist, editor, publisher and science writer, a former member of the National Union of Journalists, and current full member in good standing of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and of the Federation of Small Businesses.

26th October, 2017. Two ICO registrations: One as a publisher, and one as a journalist and editor. ICO registrations held in the name of Helen Gavaghan/Trading also as GavaghanCommunications.

21st November 2017. En route to London earlier this month from Halifax on Grand Central I learned the ICO had removed one of my ICO registrations, because I am a sole trader. I was on the way to a meeting with: PLS, ALCS and CLA. Apologies to fellow passengers who may have overheard my ensuing exchange with the ICO about the inherent difference in and purpose of two separate databases [I do not include sources in my database as a journalist].

20th December, 2017: For the purpose solely of publishing and selling Science, People & Politics ISSN 1751598x and monographs carrying ISBNs, bought initially by GavaghanCommunication, and now owned by the dormant, non-trading company Science, People and Politics Ltd. Co No 05901911, I have, with a colleague, established a Limited Partnership. The LP is Gavaghan C LP9012. There will be no public filing of these accounts, because none of the partners are limited companies. I am, as yet, the sole General Partner. Details can be seen at Companies House. Apologies for the sloppy handwriting! I can write more clearly when need arises. Lest appearances deceive, I have taken this step only after paying quite a lot of money to a chartered certified accountant, and I anticipate protecting my silent partner by paying more money to a companies' lawyer/s.

In the New Year I will again brave the ICO, and figure out how we get back to the two ICO registrations I need in reality, and not for reasons of vanity.


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